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Basic provisions
⇒ A welcome bonus of 100 RUB is provided upon registration.
⇒ The tariff is determined based on the included notifications and is fixed every time information is received from rig. At the time of writing off the subscription fee, the maximum fixed tariff for the past day is selected and applies to all video cards (GPU) of this type.
⇒ If the rig has not sent information over the past day, then the subscription fee for all video cards (GPU) of this rig will not be charged.
⇒ If the personal account balance is negative, the processing of data received by the Service from the rigs stops until the account is replenished to a positive balance.
Table of tariffs
Notification Type
Price for 1 GPU per day 1
Russia 2
World 2
from 0.05 RUB
from 0.1 RUB
from 0.1 RUB
from 0.2 RUB
from 0.4 RUB
Phone call
from 0.2 RUB
from 0.4 RUB
1 The day is counted from 00:00 to 23:59 Moscow time.
2 Relevant for SMS and calls. Rates vary depending on the country of ownership of the phone number to which notifications should be sent.
⇒ The discount amount is determined for each customer separately and depends on the number of days during which he did not send notifications about an emergency situation.
⇒ The discount from 0% to 90% is valid for all graphics cards (GPU) rig and is reviewed daily.
Days without notification
Discount amount
10 days+
20 days+
30 days+
40 days+
50 days+
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Basic provisions
Table of tariffs
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